Papers/Panels Wanted Board

Do you have an idea for a panel that you would like to organize and are you looking for paper presenter(s), a chair or discussant(s), or a session manager/zoom host? Do you have a paper topic proposal and are you looking to join a panel?

ASEEES offers a dedicated space for Annual Convention attendees to find others to form panels. Please note that the acceptance rate for individual paper submissions is MUCH LOWER than panel submissions. We STRONGLY encourage all prospective participants to form panels.

Fill Out Form to share your panel or paper idea.

IMPORTANT: You'll receive a link to edit your response once you submit.  Save this link!  It's the only way to edit your submission.

View Responses to find other panelists.

While ASEEES provides this board as a service to Annual Convention attendees, it is the attendees' own responsibility to contact and make appropriate arrangements with potential panelists and to submit the complete panel proposals by the deadline. This is only a message board for sharing ideas among potential collaborators; ASEEES does not review proposals sent to this message board. To submit a proposal for consideration by the committee, see the section "Proposal Submission Process."

If you have a question about an individual posting, please contact the individual responsible.  If you have a question or concern about the Papers/Panels Wanted Board, please contact the ASEEES office at; for other Convention questions, please contact Convention Manager at