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Title General personal subscription price ASEEES member price How to order
Ab Imperio "Ab Imperio is an international humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the studies in new imperial history, and interdisciplinary and comparative study of nationalism and nationalities in the post-Soviet space."
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ACLS Humanities E-Book "ACLS Humanities E-Book is an online collection of nearly 2,800 books of high quality in the humanities,… offered by the ACLS in collaboration with twenty learned societies, nearly 100 contributing publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan's Scholarly Publishing Office."
  US$ 40 per year Order online from ACLS.
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East European Politics and Societies "East European Politics and Societies covers issues in Eastern Europe from social, political, and humanities perspectives. The journal focuses on expanding readers' understanding of past events and current developments in countries from Greece to the Baltics."
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Eurasian Geography and Economics "Eurasian Geography and Economics features original papers by leading specialists and scholars on salient geographic and economic issues in China, Russia, India, European Union, and other regions within the Eurasian realm. Included in all issues are symposia on topics of worldwide significance, review papers, and empirical research focused on analysis of recent economic and geographic developments."
US $189, print only US$130
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Europe-Asia Studies "Europe-Asia Studies is the principal academic journal in the world focusing on the history and current political, social and economic affairs of the countries of the former 'communist bloc' of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia."
US $869, print only £56 
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Kritika "Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History is, as its name suggests, dedicated to critical inquiry into the history and culture of Russia and Eurasia."

US $60 / $50 student
Outside US $80 / $70 student

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Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research

"Laboratorium is an open-access peer-reviewed journal produced by an international group of scholars. The bilingual journal, which comes out three times a year, publishes materials based on empirical social research in Russian and English.

Laboratorium offers scholars from Russia and other countries an international platform to publish results of their empirical studies across social sciences. Laboratorium seeks to assist Russian scholars with integration into the international scientific field, as well as to promote in Russia contemporary work by foreign researchers."

US $60 (plus postage outside US) US $45 (plus postage outside US) Email Anna Paretskaya, Laboratorium's US-based coeditor, to subscribe
Post-Soviet Affairs Bimonthly publication which "features the work of prominent Western scholars on the republics of the former Soviet Union providing exclusive, up-to-the-minute analyses of the state of the economy and society, progress toward economic reform, and linkages between political and social changes and economic developments."
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Problems of Post-Communism "Problems of Post-Communism features readable analysis, reliable information, and lively debate about the communist and post-communist world. Emphasis is placed on thoughtful but timely research on current economic, political, security, and international issues, as well as historical research that provides a relevant context for understanding current issues."
US$65 US$42 US,
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Revolutionary Russia "Revolutionary Russia is the first English-language journal to concentrate on the revolutionary period. It is interdisciplinary and international in approach, publishing original research in the fields of history, politics, economics, sociology, literary and intellectual history from scholars throughout the world, including the former Soviet Union."
$116 US$73/£45/€58 Email Taylor & Francis to subscribe
Russian Review "The Russian Review ranks among the oldest and best-established academic journals of Russian studies. Founded in 1941, it has had as its mission the presentation of a broad panorama of the Russian scene, both past and present. Each issue features articles and book reviews on a variety of aspects of Russia's history, literature, culture, film, fine arts, society, and politics. "

$62 Americas,
€79 Euro-zone,
£55 UK & ROW

($54 / € 66 / £ 47 online-only)

$54 Americas,
€62 Euro-zone,
£42 ROW
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Slavic & East European Information Resources Slavic & East European Information Resources is "a focal point for the international exchange of information in the field of Slavic librarianship. Information includes news of the profession, technical developments, reviews of the literature, original research, indeed everything that touches on the practice of Slavic librarianship in North America, the countries covered and elsewhere in the world. Among the goals of the journal are to enable widespread Slavic librarians to exchange information and be aware of each other's efforts; to serve as the backbone of an international network of mutually supportive Slavic librarians; to promote the development of Slavic librarianship; and to contribute to the improvement of the status and condition of Slavic collections everywhere."
US $102 online-only
US $110 print+online
US $69
GB £54
EU €69
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Studies in Russian & Soviet Cinema "Studies in Russian & Soviet Cinema focuses on pre-revolutionary, Soviet and post- Soviet film, its aesthetic development, and its position between ideology and industry."
US $61 USD $47
EUR €36
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Tolstoy Studies Journal "Tolstoy Studies Journal is a refereed annual put out by the Tolstoy Society of North America… We welcome contributions on any topic relevant to Tolstoy scholarship. In addition to articles, the journal publishes review articles, roundtable discussions, news and events, notices of work in progress, special reports and book reviews."
US $35
US $40 overseas
US $20 students & emeriti

USD $25
($15 for back issues)

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Transcultural Studies: A Series in Interdisciplinary Research Transcultural Studies: A Series in Interdisciplinary Research "is an academic journal in the Slavic and Comparative Literature field with an expressly interdisciplinary direction, embracing the disciplines of cultural studies, cinema, music, comparative literature, philosophy and art of any period which is brought into relation with the present, in Michel Foucault's sense of "archaeological" or "genealogical" critique. The journal publishes themed issues twice a year and attracts quality research from the Slavic profession on original topics in history, politics, sociology, literary, cultural and intellectual history from scholars throughout the world, including Russia and the former republics of the USSR."
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Transitions Online "Transitions Online is an Internet magazine that covers political, social, cultural, and economic issues in the former communist countries of Europe and Central Asia."
US $55
US $33 student
US $96 premium
US $41
US $72 premium
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