Introducing Vostok Cable

Vostok Cable is a blog about Russia and Eastern Europe, founded by a group of students at Oxford University.

Online Guides to Resources About the Crisis in Ukraine

Ernest Zitser (Duke U) provides a sampling of resource guides on Ukraine.

The Monkey Cage on the Washington Post

The Monkey Cage blog on the Washington Post is a great source of analyses on the current events in Ukraine and Russia.

Statement of Concerned Scholars Regarding the Conflict in Ukraine

At the suggestion of some of our members, ASEEES is posting the request to sign the following statement of concern regarding the conflict in Ukraine, drafted by Profs. Juliet Johnson and Maria Popova at McGill University. If you are a scholar of Ukrainian and Russian affairs (all disciplines) and would like to add your name to the list of signatories, please send your name and institutional affiliation to:  

Announcing ASEEES Blog & SEEE Blogroll

With the launch of our brand new website, we are delighted to announce the ASEEES blog and the SEEE Blogroll.

Turning the Dissertation into a Book

Benjamin Sawyer discusses five tips on turning a dissertation into a book that he learned from a recent ASEEES convention panel.

Building Professional Bridges: ASEEES Regional Conferences and International Cooperation

The Central Slavic Conference announces the upcoming European Central Slavic Conference in Poland and Ukraine, July 2014 .