“You’re doing it all wrong” Course Revision and Planning in mid-career – True Confessions

When I began reading and finding problems with what I was teaching...[I realized that] what was required to really fix and update my lectures was a wholesale rewriting, and rethinking, of not just the material, but how I approach the material.

Uncomfortable Conversations: On Preparing BIPOC University Students for Study in Russia

Preparation of BIPOC students to undertake study abroad demands a focused engagement of university personnel with students of color that involves a level of candor and truthfulness not usually sustained in orientation programs. For details...

Building a Network of Support for Undergraduate Students of Color Interested in REEES

This article explores the “Building a More Inclusive Future: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies” project and the future of this innovative undergraduate mentorship program.

Plots against Russia, An Interview with Eliot Borenstein

Click through for excerpts from an interview with Eliot Borenstein (NYU) on his book, Plots against Russia: Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism (Cornell U Press, 2019), winner of the 2020 Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize, by Diana Dukhanova (College of the Holy Cross).

Reflections on the ASEEES Internship Grant Program

Amid the instability of life in 2020, the ASEEES Internship Grant Program helped me to maintain a sense of belonging and purpose. I worked as an intern at the Museum of Russian Culture San Francisco...

Rightward Populist Rebellion in East Central Europe: Anxieties, Proselytization, and the Rebirth of Mythical Thinking

The theme of the annual convention, “Anxiety and Rebellion” reflected Kubik's anxiety shared with many observers of the rise of right-wing populism in the world...,

Gaming Russian and Soviet History

Several years ago, I transformed my instruction through RTTP pedagogy....RTTP games employ role play, writing, speaking, and debate and encourage students to take leadership roles, cooperate, compete, and innovate.

Finland Forgotten: A Historical Case of (Unconscious) Cognitive Bias?

There is a meme that began circulating among certain internet circles a few years ago. At its centre is the claim that Finland – that small Nordic state sandwiched between Sweden and Russia – doesn’t actually exist.

The 2020 Professor Purges in Retrospect: ASEEES Concerns and Advocacy Plans 2020, COVID-19 hit. From July 16 to 27, Canisius College [leadership] used the pandemic as a shock doctrine to “lay off” 23 tenure-track and tenured professors in the Humanities...and across the curriculum...alongside 71 staff members. After a decade of mismanagement in which its deficit quadrupled, the college used COVID-19 as an immediate pretext to double down on “profitable” business and STEM fields as well as sports at the expense of its own claimed values.

Beyond Diversity: Integrating Racial Justice into REECA Studies

It has been almost two years since I began my foray into diversity advocacy in the REECA (Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia) field. During this short span of time, I have been extremely lucky to make meaningful connections with people such as Howard University’s Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, who dedicate an extraordinary amount of time and energy to advancing dialogue on the issue.