Past Winners of the Davis Center Book Prize

2022 - Anastasia ShesterininaMobilizing in Uncertainty: Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia (Cornell University Press)

Honorable Mention: Oleksandra TarkhanovaCompulsory Motherhood, Paternalistic State?: Ukrainian Gender Politics and the Subject of Women (Palgrave Macmillan)

2021 - Gulnaz SharafutdinovaThe Red Mirror: Putin’s Leadership and Russia’s Insecure Identity (Oxford University Press).

Honorable Mention: Kathryn Graber, Mixed Messages: Mediating Native Belonging in Asian Russia (Cornell University Press).

2020 - Lenka Bustikova, Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe (Cambridge University Press)

Honorable MentionJustine Buck Quijada, Buddhists, Shamans, and Soviets: Rituals of History in Post-Soviet Buryatia (Oxford University Press)

Honorable Mention: Samuel A. Greene and Graeme L. Robertson, Putin v. The People, The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia (Yale University Press)

2019 - Artemy M. KalinovskyLaboratory of Socialist Development: Cold War Politics and Decolonization in Soviet Tajikistan (Cornell University Press)

2018 - Elidor Mëhilli From Stalin to Mao: Albania and the Socialist World (Cornell University Press)

Natalia RoudakovaLosing Pravda: Ethics and The Press in Post-Truth Russia (Cambridge University Press)

2017 - Juliet JohnsonPriests of Prosperity: How Central Bankers Transformed the Postcommunist World (Cornell University Press)

      Honorable Mention:

             Rebecca GouldWriters and Rebels: The Literature of Insurgency in the Caucasus (Yale                       University Press)

2016 - Douglas Rogers, The Depths of Russia: Oil, Power, and Culture after Socialism (Cornell University Press)

2015 - Valerie Sperling, Sex, Politics, and Putin: Political Legitimacy in Russia (Oxford University Press) 

Honorable Mentions: 

Yanni Kotsonis, States of Obligation: Taxes and Citizenship in the Russian Empire and Early Soviet Republic (University of Toronto Press)

Samuel A. Greene, Moscow in Movement: Power and Opposition in Putin's Russia (Stanford University Press)

2014 - Erin Koch, Free Market Tuberculosis: Managing Epidemics in Post-Soviet Georgia (Vanderbilt University Press) 

Honorable Mentions:

Anya BernsteinReligious Bodies Politic: Rituals of Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism (University of Chicago Press)

Krisztina FehérváryPolitics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in Hungary (Indiana University Press)

2013 - Gerald Easter, Capital, Coercion, and Postcommunist States (Cornell University Press)

Honorable Mention: Sonia Hirt, Iron Curtains: Gates, Suburbs and Privatization of Space in the Post-Socialist City (Wiley-Blackwell)

2012 - Gail Kligman and Katherine Verdery, Peasants Under Siege: The Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture, 1949-1962 (Princeton University Press)
2011 - Kristen Ghodsee, Muslim Lives in Eastern Europe: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Transformation of Islam in Postsocialist Bulgaria (Princeton University Press)

Honorable Mention: Sarah Phillips, Disability and Mobile Citizenship in Postsocialist Ukraine (Indiana University Press)

2010 - Olga Shevchenko, Crisis and the Everyday in Post-Socialist Moscow (Indiana University Press)
Honorable Mentions:

Bruce Grant, The Captive and the Gift: Cultural Histories of Sovereignty in Russia and the Caucasus (Cornell University Press)
Douglas Rogers, The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals (Cornell University Press)

2009 - Jessica Allina-Pisano, The Post-Soviet Potemkin Village: Politics and Property Rights in the Black Earth (Cambridge University Press)
Honorable Mentions:

Scott Gehlbach, Representation through Taxation: Revenue, Politics, and Development in Postcommunist States (Cambridge University Press)
Charles King, The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus (Oxford University Press) 

2008 - Philip G. Roeder, Where Nation-States Come From: Institutional Change in the Age of Nationalism (Princeton University Press)
Honorable Mentions:

Zsuzsa Gille, From the Cult of Waste to the Trash Heap of History (Indiana University Press)
Catherine Wanner, Communities of the Converted: Ukrainians and Global Evangelism (Cornell University Press)