Entering Your CV Information

If you are a participant in an ASEEES convention panel or roundtable, your CV information is required for the panel/roundtable submission to be considered complete and reviewed.

Please enter your CV information following the instructions below:

1.    Go to ASEEES Members Site  [Your login id is your e-mail address in our database].

2.    In the left navigation bar, go to “My Information”.

3.    Go to [Edit/View Information].

4.    Make sure to enter all required fields, especially Organization Name. You may lose data if you attempt to submit without completing all required fields.

5.    Scroll down till you see a text box called “CV Information” [see below for image of the text box].

6.    Enter your BRIEF (about a paragraph) CV information in the text box in plain text. Please do not paste from a Word document.

7.    BE SURE TO CLICK “SAVE” at the bottom of the page so that your entry is retained.

Any questions about the convention or CV information should be sent to the Convention Manager at aseees.convention@pitt.edu.

If you experience difficulty logging in, please contact our membership coordinator, at aseees@pitt.edu or (412) 648-9911 for assistance.